Sunday, December 4, 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

Icecream mint pet tutu

This tutu idea came from my mom. I nI asked what color goes with this weird green. She said blue. At first I wasnt liking it at all. The colors was sooo dark. Most customers like pink and whites. After I made it I realized I had some felt icecream cones that matched. Then I had some super glittery tulle to make it pop. Pretty soon it came to look like mint icecream. My grandma didnt like it as she said blue is a dead color but I love it lots.

To check out this tutu go to our etsy shop at

Price is as follow
Xsmall - 25.00
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Pet clothes avaliable soon

Making our own dog clothes sure is hard. Been trying this patten over and over all week trying to get it right. I was told to perfect one pattern at a time. This one I am trting ti get right is a doggy halter top. I made it correctly with the pokadot onr but soon after I forget. I am happy about the pokadot one. Too bad its a small. Cant model it at all unless I have a chihuahua. Learning to sew with out taking a class is a pain in the butt. I advise future sewers too please take a class unless you want to learn the hard way like me, because my grandma never helps. She just laughs and slowly walk away. PFFFT! The nerve.
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Monday, June 13, 2011

So many tutus so little time

I have so many tutu Ideas in my head yet iam still very new to etsy. This july will be a full year for me. Three tutus I have created in one month. The only problem with my ideas is exposure. Some times I can't figure out why so many other stores sale and yet my little store gets every now and then.
Its been a rocky so far. I have met so many different customers. One customer loved my tutus yet gave me a bad rating. Why you ask? Just a very picky dog breeder who ordered a tutu very late. Even tho she wasn't happy she still never communicated about how she felt. Some people can be a horrible pain in the butt.
I even had a whole seller. That never worked out. So many demands for tutus. It made me feel like a sweat shop!!
All in all tutu making isn't easy as most think. Lol if only I had extra hands. But its just me who makes them. No one else.
I have had only one bad rating in a year. Sometimes it scares me if a customer would care about that one bad rating. I surely hope not!!
I love making tutus and love seeing people put them on their pets. Just wish I was just as famous as some people, but I know they work so hard to get where they are now. This whole business tutu making has been one stressful year
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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kitty and doggy picnic

Nothing like a doggy and kitty picnic. What so awsome about it? Where do you see a cat and a dog eating in the same area. Then on top of that. It just rained
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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fairy dust tutus

I desided to make a tutu that looks like something tinker bell would wear. So far I have 3 orders for these and just made it yesterday
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Meet snow

I cant wait to get him. This is killing me. He is sooo cute oh my gosh. Desided to name him snow but still debating on names.
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