Monday, February 7, 2011

Cookie and Daps 2011 Puppies at 4 weeks

Its been 4 weeks now since the puppies was born. They grow so fast. Their more out going.

 Zeus is the laid back one who doesn't like to be disturbed in his sleep. Move him while he is sleeping or touch him. He will wake up and just growl. His coats spots are becoming lighter and more tan. Around his nose is black colored fur. He looks just like a panda bear in the face. He was the easyest to do when it came to pictures. Altho he has a issue with howling when he wants something. LoL the howling is cute but Will pose a problem to his future owner if he keeps doing it.

Cinnonbun has grown alot too. She is the biggest of all the puppies. She has lighted up to a strange tan and gold color. She also has some black. Her face is completely black. Her fur is thicker than everyone else. She really took after her father the most. She isn't out going as the rest. Her and zeus play all the time. She doesn't mind being picked up but if you do pick her up she will try to make a meal out of your hand!!

Here are pictures of cinnimon and dap together as always.

Here is penny and duchess. They love to play together. Duchess is still white and tan like her brother. Her fur isn't changing much at all. Tho her nose is turning black finnally. It was pink for the longest. She is the second most out going altho she still rather sleep. Her eyes make her so cute because they are so big. She will probley have eyes like her mother.

Penny on the other hand is becoming my favorite. She has a small body and a big head. Smallest one out of the group. She will look just like her mother exept with dark coat. Her coat is turning silver and gray. She does altho have a little tan in it. When she stares at you its like she knows what you are saying. Everytime i walk away she is their stareing at me while the others are sleep. She is the onlly pup so far to want to follow me everywhere I go. She even follows her mother. She walks alot better than the others but she isn't fat at all

They all have one thing in common altho. They have daps signature suck on tongue to look cute.
Here is their daddy doing his strange tongue sucking


  1. Oh you are so right! They will just melt your heart! Precious! I loved seeing them and hearing about their personalities :)

  2. Oh my! What sweeties! And the names are so cute!

  3. Oh they are adorable. I kept saying that one is my favorite. THAT one is my favorite. THAT one is my favorite. LOL Daddy Dap looks a lot like my Giupetto. BTW I love the bows, and I do see what you mean with the one with the big eyes. The tongue sucking is funny. LOL
    Love the pics.