Friday, February 4, 2011

Reasons to Not Breed

I am new to breeding but I have learned a lot these past few years. Breeding can be fun but can have its downsides. Sometimes you get these puppy buyers who are so inspired by you that they want to become a breeder also. Their are even some breeders who shouldn't even call them selves breeders. Their are a lot of reasons people shouldn't breed. I am going to name a few. If your reason for breeding is on this list. Please rethink what your goals are and breeding period. Breeding should only be considered if you want to improve the bloodlines and the breed. Not for pleasure or fun. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn't breed.

1 I think my dogs are of great quality and should be bred.
Then no you should not breed. Just because you think your dogs are quality doesn't mean they can be bred. Call your breeder and ask them if the pup you have is of breeding quality. Sometimes a breeder may say yes but please take your dog to your local vet and ask them also. If 1 of them says no. Do not breed them at all. Their is no reason for you to do it and it could cause your dog problems and issues in the long run.

2 I need a hobby to get in to and something to do

 Please do not breed. yes it is a great hobby and it takes time and commitment. If out of no where you decide you don't want to do it anymore then what happens to the dogs? Will you give them to the local shelter and add to the dogs needing homes? If you are looking for a hobby try doing dog shows first. That is a hobby that doesn't require a male and female dog to do. Doing it just because you want something to do isn't a good reason. Its just like saying making a baby or having one sounds like a good hobby. No it is not. Too many pups are born in this world just for you to use it as something to do.

3 I need money and a job. Breeding sounds like a good piece of income to me.
If that is your Best reason. No breeding isn't a big source of income. It takes time and commitment to do. You will have to market, publish ads, feed the dogs a well balanced diet, purchase new breeding stock once your stock isn't breed able, DNA every male and female you have, Register all of your pups, Take all of them to the vet, along with taking them to the emergency room if needed. Sometimes during labor things could happen to make your female have a C-section. This cost oodles of money. Do not think breeding is a source of income. Until you get buyers and become a well known breeder, Income will not happen. Even then as a well known breeder. Your pocket money will go right back in to the dogs.

4 My breeder said my dog isn't breed able, but I am going to do it anyway.
Do it at your own risk. Breeding is like art. Not all dogs can be bred. Not all dogs should be bred. and for that matter not all dogs can breed. Listen to your breeders. They know best. If they tell you the pup is breed able. Double check by taking it to the vets.

As more questions roll in I will put more and new answers. These are some of the questions that i have heard or have been emailed about recently. Some of these have been said from people at the store! Please do your homework. Learn about the breed before doing anything.