Monday, February 7, 2011

PetSmart In Pelham, Alabama-----Rateing Don't Go Their

Ok If you have seen this petsmart it is near the honey baked ham store. In Pelham alabama. Long time ago when I was working at petsmart. I heard horror stories about this store. Scary horror stories. How rude they are and such. Well I went their for just a can of merrick. Didn't really think much about it. How bad could it be when you are just going to get 1 can of merrick...........Very bad.
Soon as I walked in their was no greeting. No one smiling. 1 cashier standing with her hand on her hips and the manager was giving evil stares while you walked in. Ok Well now a days people are having hard times getting jobs. How the heck are these two able to get one?
I walked down ignoreing how they was stareing and went for the food section. The store was very disorganized. Items on the floor. Looked worse than walmart. Another lady was bringing a bag of food to the register. The cashier and the manager ignored her and told her to hold on. This lady is holding a 30lb bag of dog food!! Back when I was in petsmart. This kind of behavior wouldn't stand.
This petsmart is out dated to boot. Half of the food you see in the other petsmarts and petcos they do not have. Looked everywhere in that store for a can of merrick. Realized their was no merrick. Only Ultra and blue buffilo. I refuse to feed my dogs any of that. So I got the next best thing. Evo. I saw some dog cookies and grabbed a pack of those. Cookie loves dog cookies.
Walked to the register. Soon as I put my stuff on the belt I was told to hold on. Ok I wanted to be nice So I waited. Manager was teaching her how to work the register. Really? You are suppose to do that at your own time. Not only that but she is suppose to be already educated on the register. Took them both over 30mins. She stares at me and rolls her eyes. I tell her off and she says sorry. She asks did you find what you needed? I said No. I was looking for merrick. Do you all carry merrick at all? She in her own words said," Merrick?! What the heck is that?! Never heard of it." Ok You work in petsmart, the other petsmart carrys it and its just down the street. Yet you don't know what merrick is. She asks the manager who is setting their playing with his fingers. "Merrick?! Whats that?! Never heard of it." They didn't even say sorry. I kept talking saying not sure why you guys don't carry it. They never looked up. Wanted no more convos from me. That is very fishy. Once I ask for something You don't Have then you want to ignore me?! Worse customer service I have ever seen. This is the last straw for petsmart. After all I used to work their. The one I worked at has Improved so much yet this one is still in the stone age.

People beware of this store. They will treat you like complete trash. Sad and horrible I wouldn't let them groom my dogs if they asked to do it for free.

24 All Natural St. Patrick's Day Pet Cookies Treat Box By Signature Bonz

hmmm These cookies look great. Green just for St. Patrick's Day. I might have to get some of these for all of my pets.  They look well made and in a cute box to boot.  Its at a great price since they are made fresh. Who wants old biscuits anyway? Makes your tummy just want to jump and scream. I am so getting me some for my dogs how about you? By the way. These cookies are all natural!!
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Shih-Tzu Trio Dog Mouse Pad By Art By Glove

Can you beleve this is a mouse pad? Wow I didn't at first. It has very good art on it and looks just like a handmade picture. Its at a really great price also. 8.95 and You could have one of the best shih-tzu mouse pads I have ever seen. If I bought it I wouldn't use it has a mouse pad. More like art. Love the art Art By Glove. Keep representing my favorite breed!!
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Life Sized Toy Breeds By Fibre Heart

Never Have I seen a life sized shih-tzu that accually looks like a shih-tzu. This store has handmade stuffed dog breeds that look like a real dog. These would be great as displays for your products or just in your house added to your shih-tzu item collection. Funny how this dogs fur looks very similar to a real shih-tzu. Ugh my shih-tzus don't even look like that. Show shih-tzu with out the hard work!! LOL now if only it moved and barked.
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Pretty Pink Posies Hello Kitty Party Dress For your pooch by Paulines Fashions

This Is a very cute dress. Great for any hello kitty lover. I love the way it is made. To bad my pets hate clothes. If they did like clothes I would surely buy this one. Velcro closures and its washable!!
Got to love thos pooch dresses. Expecially this one. Loving it
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Cookie and Daps 2011 Puppies at 4 weeks

Its been 4 weeks now since the puppies was born. They grow so fast. Their more out going.

 Zeus is the laid back one who doesn't like to be disturbed in his sleep. Move him while he is sleeping or touch him. He will wake up and just growl. His coats spots are becoming lighter and more tan. Around his nose is black colored fur. He looks just like a panda bear in the face. He was the easyest to do when it came to pictures. Altho he has a issue with howling when he wants something. LoL the howling is cute but Will pose a problem to his future owner if he keeps doing it.

Cinnonbun has grown alot too. She is the biggest of all the puppies. She has lighted up to a strange tan and gold color. She also has some black. Her face is completely black. Her fur is thicker than everyone else. She really took after her father the most. She isn't out going as the rest. Her and zeus play all the time. She doesn't mind being picked up but if you do pick her up she will try to make a meal out of your hand!!

Here are pictures of cinnimon and dap together as always.

Here is penny and duchess. They love to play together. Duchess is still white and tan like her brother. Her fur isn't changing much at all. Tho her nose is turning black finnally. It was pink for the longest. She is the second most out going altho she still rather sleep. Her eyes make her so cute because they are so big. She will probley have eyes like her mother.

Penny on the other hand is becoming my favorite. She has a small body and a big head. Smallest one out of the group. She will look just like her mother exept with dark coat. Her coat is turning silver and gray. She does altho have a little tan in it. When she stares at you its like she knows what you are saying. Everytime i walk away she is their stareing at me while the others are sleep. She is the onlly pup so far to want to follow me everywhere I go. She even follows her mother. She walks alot better than the others but she isn't fat at all

They all have one thing in common altho. They have daps signature suck on tongue to look cute.
Here is their daddy doing his strange tongue sucking

Hugs and Kisses Groomer Bows

This ribbon I found at joannes. Was really a great price. Beautiful ribbon with X's and O's. The ribbon is light weight. Similar to paper ribbon but made from silk. I made a pack of 6 after I wasn't sure if these would be a great hit or not. Well After this. I cant create any more as the ribbon was very limited. So Now these groomer bows are one of a kind. I tryed a couple on cookie and she looked so cute. For the first time she had two pony tails. Will make more for the upcoming valentines but not too much since valentines is comming up soon. Now for saint patricks day items

PetCo on 150 in Hoover, Alabama

Petco is usually the place people go to get grooms. Most of the groomers are a mix of students from their school or wonderful show groomers. Well Petco has Already got a F from me for bad service due to one of their other groomers. I decided to go back and test them out one last time. We took dap and cookie. Cookies groomer did a good job. Her name was Ginger. She is a Professional show groomer. I let Kirby Groom My shih-tzu Dap. She did a Ok Job exept when we was standing their. One of the petco employees stated : He has too much hair. Why Don't You cut it. Ok 1  I don't take kindly to people who know zero about the breed telling me to cut my dogs hair. She then said she would cut some of the hair out of his face. Well I have dog hair cutting OCD. I dont like my dogs hair being cut. I like them in a long coat. LONG COAT. I explained this to her and she took him to the back. We then talked to the girl at the register and told her we was breeders. She told us she wanted a puppy. Ok well erm we arn't giving our puppies to you. For one she claims that its ok for dogs to breed before 6 months. Thats kinda a red flag. No breeder wants their puppy going to some one who beleves that. Tryed to tell her other wise but some people you just cant explain things to. Dap came out. Huge shock. She cut so much hair around his face that he looked like he had a unibrow and brown crust in his eye altho it was just the color of his fur. His fur was poking his eye. Never again will I try them. Use Petco at your own risk

Cookie and Daps puppies

Our Mating for these two was suppose to be when cookie was 2 years old. Since that is when you are suppose to breed a female. Well cookie decided she wanted it now. One day we took these two to the park. We didn't think anything of cookie being in heat as she didn't show any signs. No Bleeding, No slowing down. She was her normal self. Both her and dap took off behind a tree. Next thing I know I see them tied. When they did let go I was so happy and hoped she didn't have puppies. A few days later cookie was sleeping in her crate and dap came over and some how both of them was locked. HOW IN THE WORLD?! Don't ask me but she must have been really intent on having puppies. Whole time dap is standing their with his signature suck on tongue expression. LoL.

Few weeks later dap didn't want her any longer. Then we noticed she wanted attention all the time. Jumped in my lap. Thats rare for cookie. Before she was moms dog. Did what ever mom said. Never wanted to be still for 5 mins. Now she sets in my lap.

Few weeks later her tummy is so swollen. By that time it was a yes to puppies. Poor cookie. Wanted puppies and now she is missorable. She wasn't as bad as Some mothers looked but she looked pretty tired. She would try to follow me around. Collapes on the ground and sleep. It was just heart breaking.

At that point she became very picky. She refused to let us brush her, comb her, or even shave her for that matter. Because of that her fur became intangled and matted. It made me so mad that she wouldn't let us but what ever made her comfortable. We didn't want to stress her out.
Finnally on January 11th 2010. Cookie got up and walked to her bed. She looked very hot. Started panting and shivering. I knew it was time. It took quiet a while for her to start.

The first puppy I didn't even know was their. She pushed her out and the puppy didnt even cry. We kept wondering why isn't this puppy crying. She was wiggling. Just not crying. This pretty much was the diva of the litter. Dutchess is what her owner named her. She was sold as soon as she was born. She was a white and brown and black and tan. Vet described her as a Tri Color. I have never seen a Tri colored white puppy ever. But she wasn't the only one.

30 mins passed. I know cookie had more. She was panting and acting tired. Then bam out came a boy. This boy looked almost like duchess exept he was fatter in size, and his markings was different. His colors was just  like duchess. Funny I have never seen a Tri and white spotted shih-tzu and yet I have two. Go figure. His owner named him Zeus. And yah he acts just like one. Like his sister. He did not cry.

around 30 mins later Came another one. This One I thought was a black. I got all excited then looked closer. It was a brown and black shih-tzu. Hmm brown and black. Brindle some call it but I we knew off the block that its fur will change just like her father. Or at least we thought. Her name is Penny Named by her owner. Just like her brother and sister she was sold right when she was born.

Around 1 hour I thought she was done. Then I noticed she was having a hard time pushing. Their was a huge lump coming out. The last puppy was bigger than the rest and didn't even cry. Same colors as penny exept darker on the face and lighter on the body. This was the puppy I knew I wanted to keep. We named her cinnobun. Since her colors look like a cinnomon bun.

We are so happy that cookie had some fabulous puppies in uncommon colors. All of her puppies are going to my family members in florida. They will be in the sun and on the beach 24/7. What can a first time breeder ask for? Penny on the other hand will be with her brothers and sister also but she may be having puppies when she becomes older as well. Who knows what other puppies cookie may have. We was hopeing for livers but all of them came almost close. We now know dap has no liver genes but he does have genes for brindles.

PetsJubilee: Win money for your animal shelter

PetsJubilee: Win money for your animal shelter:
These guys are having a wonderful contest for animal shelters. All you need to do is send them a picture of your pet with your name and your pets name and the shelter you would like to donate to. Once they post it the contest is based on how many votes it gets on their facebook.

Why not go ahead and enter. Help these poor homeless puppies out. Any money given to any shelter will help them big time.
I entered this picture in
Hope this picture will when Shih-tzu Rescue Inc In florida a great donation. If Not then At least the money will go to another rescue who could also use it. Join in and help!! Only takes one picture and one email.

Fantasy Dachshund Sticker Set Of 60 Small Round Easy Peel by Sassy SashaDoxie

These are so cute. Great for any pet lover in love with dachshunds!! Dachshunds are so cute and funny. My mom calls them weaner dogs. I have over 5 friends who have Dachshunds and these stickers they would just love. You could use these stickers in your classes for your students or even as a sealer on envelopes to your friends and family. Can't Wait until some one makes shih-tzu stickers!! Now thats funny. These stickers are avaliable for sale from one of my etsy team mates. Visit their shop and blog for more information.

Priced at 6.00
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