Saturday, February 19, 2011

Goodbye Diva......and Poor dap

We have been going thru. Diva died and dap is having aggression issues. Dap is very aggressive to the point where he doesn't want anything to do with anyone exept me. He shows no intrest in other dogs. He has growled at mom a few times and has bitten cookie and everyone else. Its horrible how he is acting but after trying to improve his anger he still isn't improving. We are forced with only one option and that is to give him to a better home. I dont want to but it would be risking a fight and a lot of problems happening. Dap was our first male and he was sweet and careing and now its all changed. He is refusing to eat with or around any other dogs.

On the upside we managed to some how find another pom who looks just like diva. Not only does she look like her but she acts like her. We had no choice but to get her as diva was moms favorite dog and cookie was acting depressed after her death. Since she came cookie has been acting like her self. Everyone plays with her its like a big happy family exept the problems we are having with dap. He cant come out and play since he has aggression to other pets. He nearly bit her poor head off.

What to do? To give dap to a better home or to keep him?

Here is a picture of our new pom that we are naming after diva!