Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Petco Horror Story

 After dap and cookies hair started getting longer I just felt that it was time to get their first groom by some one else. That person was suppose to be a professional at petco. We dropped out cookie off because we arnt very trusting about letting dap become groomed as we love his longer look. Soon as we dropped cookie off we left to go take dap home and get something to eat.

After maybe 1 hour I went back to go get cookie. With such shock I saw her hair flopping in her face. Her topknot is long and letting it flop in her face is a big no no!! We told her this and said please go put a band and bow on her topknot. To our astonishment she refused and said she was out of bows. Out of bows?! How can you be completely out of bows?! The same people who came after us she gave them their pooch with bows in their hair. Their dogs did not need bows at all. They all had short hair! We was going to walk out and maybe stroll around the store and forget about it. Until we looked down.....

Down in the basket where we put cookie she was just setting their and behind us was a trail of nothing but blood. Where was this blood comming from?! cookies paw. The groomer the same one who bought her out with no bow cut her paw so short it was gushing blood everywhere.

We ran and told her to do something about it. She shrugged like it was no biggy. The assistant quickly grabbed her and ran it thru warm water. Yes water!! and told us to bandage it. We demanded a refund and the manager. But we did not have time to stay as we was already panicking about cookies foot. We received information from a customer who said put flour on the tip of her nail to stop the bleeding. We went home and did just as that. Took her to the vet and all was fixed up again.

Few days later we went back to that same petco to see the manager. He refused to give us our money back. Told us he will deal with them. The fact is we demand a bit better than a we will deal with them issue. Why not just hand us our money back and we can go to a real professional who knows how to groom a shih-tzu. 40 bucks and we should have got the best service.

Ever since then cookie did not want to go back in petco for months. Everytime she saw petco she cryed. After she got over her fear we found some one who said they knew how to groom and just graduated from the petco school. So we took cookie to let her groom her. Did she know what she was doing? No.

To end this I will say after this conclution Please watch who you take your pets too. Exam and read up about the groomers. Find people who have taken their dogs to that person and get information. Grooming is just like getting your hair done. You dont want just anyone in your hair expecially some one who just doesn't care. We still are searching for that great groomer to groom our pups. So far no one in site.