Saturday, February 26, 2011

Today's Funny Animal Quote

Don't Feed the Squirrels

Please do not feed the squirrels. If you feed the squirrels, they'll become overweight, and prone to disease. Their population will grow, and they'll lose their ability to forage for food on their own. They will expect you to feed them and will attack you if you don't. They'll become like little welfare recipients, and you wouldn't want to do this to them.

by Sign in Rocky Mountain National Park


  1. Ha. I actually had a chubby squirrel like this in my yard in PA. And I can first hand say, they would take the peanuts I put out for the blue jays, and when there were no more peanuts, they were craling and nawing on my screens in my sun room for more, and even made some holes in the new screens.

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