Sunday, March 20, 2011

What clips Should I use on my Bow?

Clips are the easyest method of placing bows in your pets hair. I personally love clips better than groomer bands. Here are the Pros and Cons of having clips

Does not pull out your pets hair.
Easier to use
Makes storing them much easyier
Your pet will have a hard time getting them off

Certain clips will pull your pets hair out
If the clip breaks it will have to be found immediately
Clip contains small parts
Some clips can contain lead
If your pet doesn't have the right clip it can be shaken out very easy
Very hard to find a bow seller for 35mm clips or clips that fit a very small dog
Must know what size clip your dog needs.

Besides thos things. Clips are wonderful. Their are soo many diffrent type of clips but their are three I offer to my customers for my bows, Alligator clips, barrette clips, and snap clips.

Alligator clips are Ideal for older dogs who are used to having bows and do not play fight a whole lot. Play fighting with this clip can cause it to fall out and become lost. If your dog isn't used to having clips this one can be shaken out. Its not heavy on the pets head and its Very easy to use. Does not take any hair out of your dog what so ever. This clip can be customized with covers to match and even hair grips to make them harder to shake out. I would recommend this clip only for older dogs used to bows. Older yorkies, pomeranians, and shih-tzus are ideal for these clips. Only none playful dogs and dogs who arn't aggressive chewers. This item can work on puppies but only certain ones who are more mellow and love wearing bows in their hair.

Barrette Clips are a diffrent matter. Their has been so many customers asking me what kind of clips can I use? I cant use barrette clips because they take my pets hair out.  Well I did some research my self on the clip. I used them a few times on my own pet. What I have found is that any dog with a wirely coat or a coat that can tangle easy can get stuck in the barrette. This can cause horrible pain to your dog expecially a puppy. It can take a lot of time just to get your pets hair out of it and you may even have to cut it out. It doesn't even take much to get your poochs hair stuck in it. Its great for shorter haired dogs who are similar to the pomeranians but with less energy. Playing with this clip in can cause serious hair to your dog as well as pull some hair out. If your pet is a older pet and is used to wearing these bows then yes barrettes are idea. I never recommend barrettes unless that pet is older and very pampered or a customer requests this clip.

Snap clips I have found to be the most effective for puppies. Just open and snap. Hard for them to pull out and great for training them to become used to wearing bows with out using groomer bands. Doesn't take out their hair and its very light weight. I found that useing 35mm which is a very hard to find. It works even better if you but groomer bands on the hair first and slide the clip in to the front part of the hair. Hard to shake out and pull out. I use them on my pup when they become older to get them used to having bows. This method is safer and the clips can be put in covers.

If you have any questions in finding the perfect clip please fill free to contact me.
This picture below is a picture of a bow I made for one of my puppies and it is on a snap clip.