Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hello Kitty Pet TuTu

I decided to use my new tutu instructions and create a perfect pet tutu that looks very similar to a human tutu. I found some great hello kitty ribbon at the store. Wasn't on sale but I bought it before and made bows from them. The bows sold so fast. So hopeing this tutu is a big hit. I used some red tulle I found in the store and a combo of this strange glittery tulle. Beautiful tutu. I even made it a bit longer than most of my older tutus. I measured it at a size 13inchs. Great for small to mediam sized dogs.

Click here if you would like to purchase this cute tutu: http://www.etsy.com/listing/67737052/hello-kitty-pet-tutu

Pet Bow and TuTu Pdf

For a while now I been wondering if I should do a PDF instructions. Would it be worth it? Upside is Not many people have instructions on how to make dog tutus and pet bows. Downside is people will be knowing your secrets, making items of their own and putting them in a shop as your competition, and I have over 7 different ways I make bows so that would be 7 different pdfs for them. Hmm is it worth it? Would anyone want to know how to make their own dog tutus and dog bows? Would you pay for it? If i did make a pdf I am not even sure how much to charge. Should the price be very high or low? Well for now I will just keep questioning this. If anyone has any answers to this blog please share. I have absolutely no clue if I should do any kind of pdf at all.

Poodle Dress in Fifties Look with Retro Lace and Glitz Ready

Here is another dress by Paulines Fashion. Beautiful yet cute dress that reminds me of a poodle dress. Its cute and unique. How can you not want it? Cute little poodles all around this unique dress. With houndstooth on the edges. This dress would be a big hit for anyone that is a alabama fan. The bow is even detachable. It looks very roomy. If Only it was much bigger than I could wear it!!
The price for this cute dress is at 21.99
Purchase this dress at this link: http://www.etsy.com/listing/66462854/poodle-dress-in-fifties-look-with-retro

Our Dap - Our beautiful stud

Dap is our big male shih-tzu. We loved him since he was a puppy. It was hard to make him a name based on her personality but we saw his paws and he had 1 white patch on his paw. (Probley why two of his puppys came out mixed with white). He is our big boy and is at 9.0 pounds. He has the best build I have seen so far. If ONLY I could put him in a show!!

 If only AKC had some kind of test where you can get your dog registered with them. Ugh. He is just so beautiful. He changed in so many ways since he was little. From a dark brown in color to cream silver. In just 6 months. His fur is sooo thick. He is the youngest of my bunch besides his puppies.
Only problem we have of him is his topknot as he doesn't like to keep one. If Only he did.. He would be great in a show. I have never seen a shih-tzu in his color in a show at all.

He has a tongue sucking problem. He sucks his tongue for some reason. He even sticks it out if you make him mad.

This is him when he was a puppy. Very big difference than the pictures above. He made a huge change. From dark colored to a creamish blondish silver. I can't tell you really want color he is. A person from the store described his color as butter scotch. So going with that until we can get Some kind of answer about his coat color.

All in all dap is out big boy and our little stud. We hope that one day he will be a great stud for someones female looking to have this color in their line. So far he has created 1 litter from us including 2 tri-colored pups with a mix of white, 1 gold and black pup with a black mask that may look just like him in the future, and 1 grayish one who may turn silver. Who knows what their colors maybe. Their dad color is a mystery and their colors may be just as strange and unique as his. Who Knows. Who ever gets a pup from this big boy is in for a huge surprise. Not only do they act just like him. But they all suck their tongues for no reason LOL. That is the best trait he could ever give them.