Sunday, February 13, 2011

Doggy Tote Bag by Camargo Creations

Such a adorable tote back. Cute and unique. Cute little pups all over this beautiful tote. Great for dog lovers who love to show their love for their pooch. This tote can be used for things such as books, to holding your dogs items, or as a purse. I perosonally would use it has a purse. tote even includes a pocket shoulder strap. This is a must have for dog lovers. Get this beautiful tote for a wonderful price of 20.00. click this link to purchase this wonderful bag:

New St. Patricks TuTu

I was setting here with so many spools of tulle. Red green blue yellow. I have enough tulle to wrap it all over my house and back again. I had some saint patricks confeedy I had no clue what to do with. Mom said it would be great with pictures but I say other wise.  So I took the confedee and clued it all over the tutu. Well not glue since glue is kinda heavy. Its so cute. Turns out it fits any dog from 8 inchs to 11 inchs. Looked fab on LeVion.