Friday, November 5, 2010

Introducing our pets: Cookie, Dap, And Diva

This is our journal for our pups. We have 3 loveable pups

Cookie is our female. The oldest of our family. She is very miscevious and gets in to a lot of trouble. From ripping up furnature to eating the walls nothing makes her bored. She is very destructive but we love her to death.  We got her name from cookie monster. She loves dog cookies so much she hides them in every purse I use.
Dap our male shih-tzu. Full of hair and loves to eat. He does nothing but eat and sleep all day. If he does play it usually creates a earth quick. Sometimes we call him fatty for short. He is very laid back. His name came from his paw. It has a cute white tip on his left paw.

Here is our diva. Our best model. She well she is a diva. Picky and very stuck up. Gets mad if anyone touchs her in her sleep. Hates eating with others. Hates shareing.

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