Monday, February 7, 2011

Fantasy Dachshund Sticker Set Of 60 Small Round Easy Peel by Sassy SashaDoxie

These are so cute. Great for any pet lover in love with dachshunds!! Dachshunds are so cute and funny. My mom calls them weaner dogs. I have over 5 friends who have Dachshunds and these stickers they would just love. You could use these stickers in your classes for your students or even as a sealer on envelopes to your friends and family. Can't Wait until some one makes shih-tzu stickers!! Now thats funny. These stickers are avaliable for sale from one of my etsy team mates. Visit their shop and blog for more information.

Priced at 6.00
Click this link to check out this item.


  1. Wow, thanks for blogging about Sasha's stickers :) I'm going to post the link in the forum thread -- I'd love the others to see these darling pics of yours :)

  2. So sweet of you to promote a team member on your blog ;-) It's always nice when we can help each other and Athena's stickers are always so cute!!

  3. Aww, so sweet for you to blog about my stickers. Sasha gives you lots of doxies kisses for the pawmotion. Thank you very much and what a cute blog you have. Love all the puppy pics.