Sunday, February 6, 2011


This in my case is the worse illness any puppy can have. Breeders will tell you that its not a big issue. It is a huge issue in fact. Read this story. I  myself have purchased a pup from a breeder who claimed she was healthy. Wrong. This is my puppy Mocha Latte. I purchased her from a chocolate Pomeranian breeder. Isn't she just adorable!!
Back then I just wanted a Puppy as a friend and family member. I was so excited about getting her. She was so cute yet so small. Her size should have been a red alert. Once I purchased her the breeder told us about hypoglycemia. Told us any puppy could have it. We ofc said ok and took her straight to the vets. The vets said she would be fine. Until weeks later. She started becoming more and more active. She loved to run. Wanted to run and play. Everytime she tried. She would collapse and lay their for hours. We would take her to the vet every time. They would give her supplements along with something to boost her energy. She couldn't ever play. We contacted her and told her about what was happening. The breeder told us to give her kyro syrup.

We ran to the store and bought it. Call the vet and asked if it was ok. He said it would boost her energy and give her a chance to get up and eat. Every time she collapsed she had a nice bowl of food waiting on her. We bought her baby blankets, pillows hoping she would get better. According to most breeders pups are suppose to grow out of it. Well I am a witness that Not all of them grow out of it. She kept doing this even after she turned 6 months. How would you feel if you couldn't run and play because every time you did you would collapse lifeless.

One day Our hopes turned in to pain. She was laying their kicking. Her mouth open. She was getting cold but she was able to blink. We ran to the vets. On the way to the vets she died. Why? Because people are telling others that hypogloycemia  isn't a big deal. The vet him self told us that buying a dog with hypoglycemia is taking a big risk. Their is a chance the dog could die even tho you tryed to help her as much as you could.
We told the breeder what happened. She made a huge big deal and demanded she talk to our vets. We told her no. To me it isn't right for some one to have to be put though a breeding saying you are a lier. Not only that she sent a 6 page letter to me stating that I killed my own pup because I mixed rice in her food and didn't give her puppy chow.

Ok lets review the facts. Mocha ate Merrick.....Which the vet told us it would help her. Mocha loved rice. We mixed her rice in her food to get her to eat. In the end we did get another pup but was badly tortured and annoyed buy this breeder. She wanted the male back to breed him to death. He wasn't even the Pomeranian standard.

So to everyone who just doesn't care what kind of dog they buy think again. Do your research. Because I didn't do research I paid the ultimate price. Lost a dog that I loved beyond anything else. Not all breeders are great breeders. Look at the dog before you buy them. What we failed to see was mocha was Way too small. At 6 months she was 4 pounds. Buying a so called tea cup can cause you pain. Their is no such thing as a tea cup people!! Tea cups are the smallest of the litter and probley the sicklyest. If any dog is far below the dogs standard buy it at your own risk.

Now I have to be stalked by this breeder who seems to think what she did for us was ok. Because of breeders like this is one reason I wanted to be a breeder.

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