Sunday, February 6, 2011

Our New Female Sundai

When I first saw LeVion. I thought oh isn't he just beautiful. Was inspired to put him in to a show. Then I saw his sister. She is just gorgous. Solid Chocolate with a white chest. Everything that I always wanted in a shih-tzu. I searched high and low for the perfect shih-tzu and now I have found these two.
At first we was reluctent to get her. I mean after thinking about it. We have Dap, Cookie, Diva, LeVion, and now moms getting a male pom for diva and plus cookies daughter cinnomon. Its a lot to think about. People tease breeders everyday about how many dogs they have. I say forget them. As long as you stick to one or 2 breeds and you can take care of them then why not. I really want to breed and establish my own shih-tzu bloodline. Will take a good while but we are off to a great start!! Sundai and LeVion are both the most beautiful shih-tzus I have seen so far. I hope as time passes they have great and beautiful liver puppies. But Who Knows. Any Puppies from these two are beautiful in my book. Great job to the mother of Sundai and LeVion. You really did a great job. Can't Wait to get them at the end of the week!! Saturday come on dammit!!

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