Monday, February 7, 2011

PetSmart In Pelham, Alabama-----Rateing Don't Go Their

Ok If you have seen this petsmart it is near the honey baked ham store. In Pelham alabama. Long time ago when I was working at petsmart. I heard horror stories about this store. Scary horror stories. How rude they are and such. Well I went their for just a can of merrick. Didn't really think much about it. How bad could it be when you are just going to get 1 can of merrick...........Very bad.
Soon as I walked in their was no greeting. No one smiling. 1 cashier standing with her hand on her hips and the manager was giving evil stares while you walked in. Ok Well now a days people are having hard times getting jobs. How the heck are these two able to get one?
I walked down ignoreing how they was stareing and went for the food section. The store was very disorganized. Items on the floor. Looked worse than walmart. Another lady was bringing a bag of food to the register. The cashier and the manager ignored her and told her to hold on. This lady is holding a 30lb bag of dog food!! Back when I was in petsmart. This kind of behavior wouldn't stand.
This petsmart is out dated to boot. Half of the food you see in the other petsmarts and petcos they do not have. Looked everywhere in that store for a can of merrick. Realized their was no merrick. Only Ultra and blue buffilo. I refuse to feed my dogs any of that. So I got the next best thing. Evo. I saw some dog cookies and grabbed a pack of those. Cookie loves dog cookies.
Walked to the register. Soon as I put my stuff on the belt I was told to hold on. Ok I wanted to be nice So I waited. Manager was teaching her how to work the register. Really? You are suppose to do that at your own time. Not only that but she is suppose to be already educated on the register. Took them both over 30mins. She stares at me and rolls her eyes. I tell her off and she says sorry. She asks did you find what you needed? I said No. I was looking for merrick. Do you all carry merrick at all? She in her own words said," Merrick?! What the heck is that?! Never heard of it." Ok You work in petsmart, the other petsmart carrys it and its just down the street. Yet you don't know what merrick is. She asks the manager who is setting their playing with his fingers. "Merrick?! Whats that?! Never heard of it." They didn't even say sorry. I kept talking saying not sure why you guys don't carry it. They never looked up. Wanted no more convos from me. That is very fishy. Once I ask for something You don't Have then you want to ignore me?! Worse customer service I have ever seen. This is the last straw for petsmart. After all I used to work their. The one I worked at has Improved so much yet this one is still in the stone age.

People beware of this store. They will treat you like complete trash. Sad and horrible I wouldn't let them groom my dogs if they asked to do it for free.

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