Monday, February 7, 2011

Cookie and Daps puppies

Our Mating for these two was suppose to be when cookie was 2 years old. Since that is when you are suppose to breed a female. Well cookie decided she wanted it now. One day we took these two to the park. We didn't think anything of cookie being in heat as she didn't show any signs. No Bleeding, No slowing down. She was her normal self. Both her and dap took off behind a tree. Next thing I know I see them tied. When they did let go I was so happy and hoped she didn't have puppies. A few days later cookie was sleeping in her crate and dap came over and some how both of them was locked. HOW IN THE WORLD?! Don't ask me but she must have been really intent on having puppies. Whole time dap is standing their with his signature suck on tongue expression. LoL.

Few weeks later dap didn't want her any longer. Then we noticed she wanted attention all the time. Jumped in my lap. Thats rare for cookie. Before she was moms dog. Did what ever mom said. Never wanted to be still for 5 mins. Now she sets in my lap.

Few weeks later her tummy is so swollen. By that time it was a yes to puppies. Poor cookie. Wanted puppies and now she is missorable. She wasn't as bad as Some mothers looked but she looked pretty tired. She would try to follow me around. Collapes on the ground and sleep. It was just heart breaking.

At that point she became very picky. She refused to let us brush her, comb her, or even shave her for that matter. Because of that her fur became intangled and matted. It made me so mad that she wouldn't let us but what ever made her comfortable. We didn't want to stress her out.
Finnally on January 11th 2010. Cookie got up and walked to her bed. She looked very hot. Started panting and shivering. I knew it was time. It took quiet a while for her to start.

The first puppy I didn't even know was their. She pushed her out and the puppy didnt even cry. We kept wondering why isn't this puppy crying. She was wiggling. Just not crying. This pretty much was the diva of the litter. Dutchess is what her owner named her. She was sold as soon as she was born. She was a white and brown and black and tan. Vet described her as a Tri Color. I have never seen a Tri colored white puppy ever. But she wasn't the only one.

30 mins passed. I know cookie had more. She was panting and acting tired. Then bam out came a boy. This boy looked almost like duchess exept he was fatter in size, and his markings was different. His colors was just  like duchess. Funny I have never seen a Tri and white spotted shih-tzu and yet I have two. Go figure. His owner named him Zeus. And yah he acts just like one. Like his sister. He did not cry.

around 30 mins later Came another one. This One I thought was a black. I got all excited then looked closer. It was a brown and black shih-tzu. Hmm brown and black. Brindle some call it but I we knew off the block that its fur will change just like her father. Or at least we thought. Her name is Penny Named by her owner. Just like her brother and sister she was sold right when she was born.

Around 1 hour I thought she was done. Then I noticed she was having a hard time pushing. Their was a huge lump coming out. The last puppy was bigger than the rest and didn't even cry. Same colors as penny exept darker on the face and lighter on the body. This was the puppy I knew I wanted to keep. We named her cinnobun. Since her colors look like a cinnomon bun.

We are so happy that cookie had some fabulous puppies in uncommon colors. All of her puppies are going to my family members in florida. They will be in the sun and on the beach 24/7. What can a first time breeder ask for? Penny on the other hand will be with her brothers and sister also but she may be having puppies when she becomes older as well. Who knows what other puppies cookie may have. We was hopeing for livers but all of them came almost close. We now know dap has no liver genes but he does have genes for brindles.

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