Monday, February 7, 2011

PetCo on 150 in Hoover, Alabama

Petco is usually the place people go to get grooms. Most of the groomers are a mix of students from their school or wonderful show groomers. Well Petco has Already got a F from me for bad service due to one of their other groomers. I decided to go back and test them out one last time. We took dap and cookie. Cookies groomer did a good job. Her name was Ginger. She is a Professional show groomer. I let Kirby Groom My shih-tzu Dap. She did a Ok Job exept when we was standing their. One of the petco employees stated : He has too much hair. Why Don't You cut it. Ok 1  I don't take kindly to people who know zero about the breed telling me to cut my dogs hair. She then said she would cut some of the hair out of his face. Well I have dog hair cutting OCD. I dont like my dogs hair being cut. I like them in a long coat. LONG COAT. I explained this to her and she took him to the back. We then talked to the girl at the register and told her we was breeders. She told us she wanted a puppy. Ok well erm we arn't giving our puppies to you. For one she claims that its ok for dogs to breed before 6 months. Thats kinda a red flag. No breeder wants their puppy going to some one who beleves that. Tryed to tell her other wise but some people you just cant explain things to. Dap came out. Huge shock. She cut so much hair around his face that he looked like he had a unibrow and brown crust in his eye altho it was just the color of his fur. His fur was poking his eye. Never again will I try them. Use Petco at your own risk

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