Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pet Bow and TuTu Pdf

For a while now I been wondering if I should do a PDF instructions. Would it be worth it? Upside is Not many people have instructions on how to make dog tutus and pet bows. Downside is people will be knowing your secrets, making items of their own and putting them in a shop as your competition, and I have over 7 different ways I make bows so that would be 7 different pdfs for them. Hmm is it worth it? Would anyone want to know how to make their own dog tutus and dog bows? Would you pay for it? If i did make a pdf I am not even sure how much to charge. Should the price be very high or low? Well for now I will just keep questioning this. If anyone has any answers to this blog please share. I have absolutely no clue if I should do any kind of pdf at all.

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