Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Poodle Dress in Fifties Look with Retro Lace and Glitz Ready

Here is another dress by Paulines Fashion. Beautiful yet cute dress that reminds me of a poodle dress. Its cute and unique. How can you not want it? Cute little poodles all around this unique dress. With houndstooth on the edges. This dress would be a big hit for anyone that is a alabama fan. The bow is even detachable. It looks very roomy. If Only it was much bigger than I could wear it!!
The price for this cute dress is at 21.99
Purchase this dress at this link: http://www.etsy.com/listing/66462854/poodle-dress-in-fifties-look-with-retro


  1. I love that dress. I wished I had a girly girl dog to wear it. :)

  2. Thanks for showing my poodle dress, Chocolate :) You are too sweet!